SD - Metaverse Elements

MALCHUTINE - the blue element

Doppelgänger element: Water

One of the five classical elements, representing the world of our emotions and pictured as a cup in the Tarot. The form of a cup reminds us of the womb or a vessel that can be filled until it spills over.
Sephira: Malchuth {Malkuth} Gemstone Partner: Aquamarine

MALCHULITE - the red element

Doppelgänger element: Fire

Fire. One of the classical elements, representing the raw forces of creation and creativity. In the Tarot, fire is represented by the wand, as it can be utilised for fighting (destruction) but is also fashioned from a branch that bears fruits (creation).
Sephira: Malchuth {Malkuth} Gemstone Partner: Rhodolite / Red Garnet

SOULPHERET- the yellow element

Doppelgänger element: Sulfur

One of the three primes, connecting the lower and higher primes. It also represents the soul in alchemical teachings.
Sephira: Tipheret Gemstone partner: Alessandrite

BLACK INFINITE - the black/infinite element

Doppelgänger element: Aether

The fifth classical element, Aether, is intangible and could be thought of as the antithesis of dark matter. It's pure life force or what some call Qi (Chi) or Chakra.
Sephira: Kether Gemstone partner: Black Opal