The Founders Drop

What are Founder Elements?

Lore of the mysterious elements

A colony of mysterious mental elements have been conjured into the metaverse. When approached, they transmit images that leave the impression of things hidden in another dimension. Are they alive? What do they want?
We inquired carefully and they told us all they want are new homes and to show gratitude. The objects won't budge and cover large parts of the foundation of where SecretDecks is planning to build.
We kindly ask the Cardano community to help us find new homes for these peculiar beings; they will be eternally grateful.

What founders get!

The content will be revealed with the website relaunch In December 2021. The content will mark owners as official founders that will always have a special place and rank in the SecretDecks metaverse. It is told the elements cast a peculiar effect from within, once the first deck drop approaches.

Why the Founders drop?

We would like to continue working on this project and this would allow testing of our distributed contribution reward mechanism, which rewards people after they've delivered. Please do stop by our GitHub and see what we've been up to. Check out our Announcement Channel on Discord.

How much we are asking?

The lowest tiers are available 222 times and cost 33 ADA each. The middle tier clocks in at 78 ADA and is available 78 times. 78 is the number of cards in a Tarot deck!
The highest tier will be quite pricy at 156 ADA and limited to only 33 pieces.
That's 333 pieces in total for a sum of 18558 ADA.

What kind of Lambo will we buy?

If we sell out all pieces, this is what we'll do with the funds:
Even distributed operations need to engage with the legacy system in order to hold assets like domains, accept fiat donations, open bank accounts (for fiat ramps) or write invoices for service providers and freelancers. SecretDecks is looking into Purpose Driven Companies and depending on available funds, is either setting up something like a "Verein" (association) (less funds) or a "GmbH" (German LTD) with a golden share ticket held by the "Purpose Stiftung" to exact veto rights and validate the purpose trajectory.

What's an artist incubator you might ask?

It's an event spanning multiple days, where we invite artists to workshop with us on the topics of NFT and Tarot, with the goal of finding more talent and content for the SecretDecks metaverse.