Temporal Draws

0 - Knowledge Primer

I - Setup, Shuffle & Draw

[applicable for DAILY DRAW] ; [applicable to all temporal techniques]

Do 's for SETUP

When to do it? Ideally within first 2 hours of waking up, but theoretically can be done at anytime during the day

How to do it? Make timespace for at least 15 min, in order not to strain the communication process between your conscious and sub-conscious. Turn off your smartphone and try not to be close to electronic devices creating artificial energy fields like TV screens or microwaves.

Depending on your ability or inability to focus with noise around you, looking for a more silent environment might be advantageous.

Do 's for SHUFFLE

In case you only have little space , it's possible to shuffle in your hands while standing, if you feel like it you can cut the deck as well. When you have lots of space to shuffle (eg . a large table) you can spread the cards around and shuffle them by gliding your hands over the cards with just enough pressure to move them around

While doing so, look inwards and ask: "What will today bring?" or " what's the challenge for the day? " or " How can I make the most of today?". You ask once , then let thoughts and images appear and disappear without holding on '. You will feel it when you're done shuffling.

Do 's for DRAW

I like to hover with with my left hand over the cards , pointing with my middle finger (some use other digits ), while looking at the card being pointed at. There 'll be tingling or other sensations when a meaningful card is being hovered over (or is in proximity). The stronger the sensation the better (more precise) the quality of the response.

II - Look & Feel

[applicable to all temporal techniques]

Do 's for Look & Feel

Look inside and feel what "moves": what emotions emerge or sensations can be felt and where. Try to articulate feelings that might come up, but without explaining why or from where. Take fast notes on what moves, they are important!

III - Analyse & Interpret

[applicable to all temporal techniques]

Do 's for Analyse

Define type of card and reference:

General / Macro themes of Minor Arcana number cards

Number cards always give insight into how the energy manifests that is perceived from "the outside".

The Minor Arcana's number (eg II of Cups) is referencing the respective Major Arcana (in this case III The High Priestess - Archetype: The divine Feminine) as well as the 3rd Sephira on the Tree of Life (in this case Chockmah "Wisdom"). The Major Arcana's and Sephira's energy signature (or quality) can be found in the II of Cups, respectively how those signatures interact with the element water and its qualities.

General / Macro themes of Minor Arcana court cards

Court cards show on what plane the energy is having an effect. The court is referencing on what plane (of the Tree of Life) the energy is having an effect. The four plane's features are interwoven with one of the four elements (depending on the suite).

Energy Planes
  1. ("highest") Atziluth - World of emanation, divine, faculty of intuition

  2. Beri'ah / Briah - World of creation, spirit, faculty of feeling

  3. Yetzirah - World of formation, psyche, faculty of thinking

  4. ("lowest") Assiah - World of manifestation, body, faculty of sensation

General / Macro themes of Major Arcana

Major Arcana are always referencing an energetic event or a challenge perceived from "within"

They usually correlate to an Archetype and a step in the Heroes Journey

See Book of Thoth: Page 0 ff.


After general theme is understood a deep dive into the individual symbology is required. Equipped with the knowledge primer and a learning tool of choice (for me its taking pen and paper notes) you can now tackle the most difficult part. Difficult because how it's need to decipher relevant meanings behind all symbols that can made out in the image. Don't stress, if it's just two or three in the beginning, this is absolutely fine and you 'll get better fast!

TAKE NOTES and bring them loosely into the context of your inquiry.

Do's for Interpret

After all individual symbols have been mapped, it's time to conjure the precise response through a concert of all mapped symbols.

Examples from the SecretDecks Discord

Now 's the time to employ the personal notes (what moves and individual symbology) from before as a conductor of the concert !

As a bonus, you could add notes at the end of the day on how relevant your daily reading was, this way you could create something like a SoulJournal over time.

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