Mindfulness Policy

This is the value system each member has to agree to adhere at all times.
We entertain the idea that this planet is a living organism, a holistic system - made of many decentralised parts - that strives for balance and sustainability from chaos, in order to create symbiotic, more efficient and less intrusive forms of life.

We value life over profit In order to live in harmony with this planet, we will always favour:

  • Building on sovereign grade censorship resistant systems, offering data- and self-sovereignty for good actors, over centralised, censorable systems.
  • Creating a harmonious habitat, blending in and supporting synergies with the environment, over zero sum games.
  • Complementing, over controlling the environment and individual.
  • Embracing new technologies and fresh thought processes, over conserving faulty systems.
  • Open source ideas and build loyalty coalitions and teams (infosets/Holons), over proprietary code and hierarchical companies.
  • Preserving, over extracting resources from the environment or individuals. Growing networks, over enterprises.

When engaging with one another or other entities we will always favour:

  • Cooperating, over competing.
  • Fluidity over conformity.
  • Love, over fear.
  • Sustainability over quick profit
  • Solutioning, over discussing problems.
  • Game B over Game A


Game A & Game B from the Game B wiki
  • Game A is primarily characterized by scarcity and thus rivalrous or win-lose dynamics; a kind of predatory capitalism
  • Game B is the flag on the hill for an omni-win civilization that maximizes human flourishing


This Mindfulness Policy is the primer for the organisation charter
  1. 1.
    It's recommended as the only obligation for members of any Distributed Cooperative (DisCo) to read the Policy (and Charter) carefully and subsequently sign with a comment and adhere to it.
  2. 2.
    Changing the Policy or Charter is possible if all founding members see it necessary (and can be done only prior to the Genesis Event of any DisCo).