Roadmap Introduction

The SecretDecks roadmap follows the hero's journey as depicted in the Major Arcana of the Tarot.
The decision to start with 0 - The Fool and not with 1 - The Magician was made based on a perception of our current circumstances:
We are close to the edge, running with the newest tech, trying it out to see how it works and when or why it breaks. Fearlessly marching towards the verge of chaos, imagining all possible solutions to any problem out there. Eager to apply the figments to palpable matter(s).
This is where we are now. Imagining everything that's possible with the tools in our backpacks. Naively thinking we can solve the issues and impediments around individual sovereignty, financial freedom, and social morals, while creating a Tarot metaverse.
How long each era or card on the map will last, we don't know yet. After a couple of cards we will get better at estimating and forecasting. We're planning to reach all goals of 0-The Fool era by end of November.

Each era / card has

  • Defined goals for governance and the SecretDecks metaverse
  • Tools most likely to be employed
  • A keyword corresponding to the theme of the era