The Stake Pool

SecretDecks is running a Cardano Stake Pool! Ticker name: TAROT.

Every wallet staking with TAROT will be whitelisted for the first 3 Tarot SUMMONS (NFT drops).

What the pledge?

For the pledge of 2500 ADA two of the DisCo members created a loan agreement as a NFT (called LoaNFT) - a rough proof of concept. The borrower asked for 2000 ADA and offered two unsigned algorithm (unsig) NFTs as collateral. Since both lender and borrower know each other well it was possible to facilitate this without a validator (smart contract).

LoaNFT flow

The borrower sent the unsig NFTs to the lender wallet, the lender sent the 2000 ADA to the pools pledge wallet. The NFT was created (with both above mentioned transaction IDs) and sent to the pools reward wallet. The remaining 500 ADA was lent to the pool by the borrower.
This is the LoaNFT
Once the pool reward wallet is vital enough to sustain a 2000 ADA withdrawal the ADA will be sent to the lender. The borrower receives the unsig NFTs from the lender and the NFTLoan is burned.

Pool details

SPOCRA is aiding SecretDecks by maintaining the hardware and backend as well as guiding us through the key generation process. Especially Lauris (EU01 pool) is extremely helpful and knowledgable!
The pools mission
Elevating Tarot into hyperspace and creating tools for all to Read Thy Self.
Pool margin: 4%