Calling Creators!

Calling all creators!

SecretDecks® looks to you if you’ve ever reinterpreted the Tarot and made your own deck... or perhaps you feel inspired to do so?

Are you an artist?

Build a new global fanbase and make a living off your digital art without any intermediaries and through the medium of your choice, as well as own and manage your copyrights!

What if you're not an artist?

Join us anyway and discover how we can help each other build an ecosystem of mutual abundance. There's enough to do for everyone, as we're building the future of decentralised collaboration and autonomous organisation.

Tell me more...

We want to give you the chance to showcase and sell your unique Tarot recreations as digital collectibles in a fresh, innovative way. It’s a method we believe not only has huge momentum now, but also builds on a technology that is rocketing into the future while allowing art and its creators more autonomy.
SecretDecks® builds on blockchain technology and is structured as a decentralised cooperative. Your art would be turned into a cryptographically-secure token called an NFT. The copyright will always remain with you, the creator(s).

What is a digital collectable/NFT?

Each NFT (Non-Fungible Token) contains unique information (metadata), like the creator's digital fingerprint and a certificate of authenticity that makes it both distinct from any other NFT and easily verifiable. And it means that the creation and circulation of fake collectibles is distinctively more difficult, as all interaction on a blockchain can be verified and traced back to the original creator. Similar to selling a painting outside a gallery, it will be a personal exchange between buyer and artist.
How does an NFT built on the blockchain differ from simply selling it on a website on the internet? There is no website where you can sell unique digital art pieces without the need to set up a payment gateway. Additionally, selling art as an NFT enables lifelong royalties. Each time a digital artwork is resold, the artist receives a royalty.

Not a digital artist?

No worries, we will connect you with creative minds who are technically well-versed, in a remote incubator program! You can find collaborators to create new decks or digitise existing ones that you’ve already created. We’re here to help make this process as smooth as possible and here to answer any questions that may come up, now or in the future.

What and Who is SecretDecks®?

We’re a group of creators who seek to introduce the Tarot, through divination and communication with the subconscious, to a new realm of self-sovereignty. SecretDecks® will function as a soul-like catalyst for a Distributed Cooperative (DisCO). More in the next section about what a DisCO is.
We’re well-experienced with the technical innovations of NFTs and Crypto in general. This is exactly why we look to you and your expertise to help us join together the two different realities of Crypto and Tarot. In combining these two fields, we essentially intend to make the process of creation, curation, distribution and sales, etc. more self-organised, secure and private for creators, collectors, buyers, as well as patrons.
While the Tarot is typically experienced in-person, this new platform won’t take the magic away - Tarot relates to and helps us understand the Self, which transcends time and space. In fact, this platform will offer more people the chance to walk the path of self-knowledge and gain insight into their subconscious and life in general. The internet has already broken the boundaries of moving many aspects of our lives to the virtual world, but with risks involved. SecretDecks® will enable privacy and autonomy, while maintaining the magic of the very powerful tool that is Tarot.

What is a Distributed Cooperative (DisCO)?

A DisCO is a set of organisational tools and practices that enable people to work in a cooperative and commons-oriented way, as a distributed network of groups clustered around an idea or cause. It's a more human-focused spin on another nonhierarchical organisational structure, a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation). A DisCO tracks intangible contributions like community care work and distributes (voting) power in a merit-based way. Within the SecretDecks® DisCO, members can autonomously coordinate curation, voting (consensus-building), funding, creation, as well as distribution and sales of digital assets.

How do they come together?

Think digital collectibles in the form of Tarot cards, conjured up by creators across the globe and distributed and utilised within an ecosystem of SecretDecks® apps that work together to fuel demand for the collectible cards and the experiences they entail.
In order to generate interest and value, as well as motivate participants and test the DisCO concept in a real world environment, it is required to have some value-added mechanism. Thus, a small percentage (appr. 0.5%-1%) of the collectible sales will flow into the DisCO network.

Is there a goal?

The concept works if at least 85% of sales revenue is received by the creator(s) directly and more than 12 drops of decks have been successfully facilitated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

It’s a lot of information, but we seek to create a distributed cooperative by creators, for creators. Thus, transparency and the sharing of information are key. Your input also plays a critical role in laying the groundwork to build such an organisation, so we welcome any and all questions you may have.
Please join the conversation on our Discord chat server or send us an e-owl: [email protected]
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All the very best,
SecretDecks® Founding Team