TAROT Pool Incentive Design

Why anyone should delegate to the TAROT pool

The number one reason besides supporting the SecretDecks mission is to receive personal Tarot readings!

  • Access to a reading is granted with a READINGS NFTicket.
  • the first 10 Delegators with stake above 100k will receive a NFticket every 6 epochs.
  • All other delegators are able to exchange 33 TAROT tokens for one READINGS NFTicket.
All information on how to access the reading will be contained within the NFTicket.
A setup guide for the wallet registration will be available by end of February.

How to get TAROT tokens!

Anyone that stakes above 78 ADA with TAROT is eligible for the TAROT token! The amount of tokens increases in a Fibonacci like sequence:

TAROT Tokenomics

Maximum supply is 22 million
  • 10% (2.20M) for delegations
  • 10% (2.20M) for other incentives (raffles & non financial remunerations)
  • 80% (17.6M) held in reserve